I have been contacted (25/07/21) by an Italian gentleman, a Luca Montanari, who has an interest in Alfa Romeo's and has very kindly offered to translate the Romeo diesel workshop manual I won some time ago on eBay.

He has also provided a couple of links to Italian language sites featuring vehicles and their engine installations which I have posted on one of the regular pages.


Cheffins held an auction at the Liddell family Shrubbs Farm on this date and amongst the 90+ tractors being sold was a Turner MkIII (No. 1633).

Check out this link

The winning bid was £5,500 + 6% buyer's premium and VAT.

Acknowledgement to Cheffins for the original photo.

Update from Courtiestown

It has been sometime since the last post for which there are two reasons. 

The primary one concerns the fact we had a disastrous fire in the outbuildings last May which has had a very significant impact on all things Land-Rover and to a lesser extant Turner as well.

The 1950 Land-Rover Mobile Welder and L60 Turner engined vehicles were both destroyed along with a whole host of parts.

It is my intention to resurrect an L60 engined Land-Rover as I have another three donors but it will be some time.......

The second one is that there has been very little Turner activity on the internet recently, certainly nothing coming up on eBay.

There were two Yeomans sold at the 18th January 2020 H.J.Pugh sale of P.J.Laight's collection. One runner sold at £7,200 and the more well known one, GVJ 908 sold for £15,200 (credit to Tractor & Machinery for the picture below with apologies for the poor quality). 

 GVJ 908.jpg

Latest H J Pugh Sale

This is bit of a late entry given the Imbert May sale actually starts today i.e. October 30th 2020, but for some reason I had missed the fact a Yeoman was being sold in it.

It is a part of the Imbert May collection and is a MkIIB with chassis no. 713, the downside is that it has a seized engine.

I will attempt to 'lift' a picture from Pugh's catalogue but it won't be of any great quality.