I have been contacted (25/07/21) by an Italian gentleman, a Luca Montanari, who has an interest in Alfa Romeo's and has very kindly offered to translate the Romeo diesel workshop manual I won some time ago on eBay.

He has also provided a couple of links to Italian language sites featuring vehicles and their engine installations which I have posted on one of the regular pages.


Cheffins held an auction at the Liddell family Shrubbs Farm on this date and amongst the 90+ tractors being sold was a Turner MkIII (No. 1633).

Check out this link

The winning bid was £5,500 + 6% buyer's premium and VAT.

Acknowledgement to Cheffins for the original photo.

Pressure Gauge

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This post made on the 28th April 2021 - check out Turner Marine Engine Pressure Gauge


It is identified as for a tractor but this is incorrect.



Latest H J Pugh Sale

This is bit of a late entry given the Imbert May sale actually starts today i.e. October 30th 2020, but for some reason I had missed the fact a Yeoman was being sold in it.

It is a part of the Imbert May collection and is a MkIIB with chassis no. 713, the downside is that it has a seized engine.

I will attempt to 'lift' a picture from Pugh's catalogue but it won't be of any great quality.