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Good Morning All,

This is posted on April 27th 2021 and brings peoples attention to the sale of a 20T Turner winch believed to be from a Leyland 6 x 6 Martian - you'll not see many of these come up for sale. I have no idea as to price or actual condition.

Turner Winch




Latest H J Pugh Sale

This is bit of a late entry given the Imbert May sale actually starts today i.e. October 30th 2020, but for some reason I had missed the fact a Yeoman was being sold in it.

It is a part of the Imbert May collection and is a MkIIB with chassis no. 713, the downside is that it has a seized engine.

I will attempt to 'lift' a picture from Pugh's catalogue but it won't be of any great quality.